Monday, January 27, 2014

Cannibal rats and other stuff

Before I begin, I just want to make an announcement:
That's right, if you, my fellow reader, are living somewhere near the British Isles, a ghost ship might dock at a harbor near you with a rat as its captain. BWAHAHA!!!!
Ok, that probably won't happen, but seriously, folks, this article from NBC Nightly News is all about a Russian cruise ship named the Lyubov Orlova (though it is named after a Russian actress, the name sounds ominous to me) which was seized by Canada. Then it was accidentally set adrift, and then nobody bothered to search for it, and now its somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. And it's full of cannibal rats. Did I mention that it's full of cannibal rats? Apparently they started eating each other after the food ran out.
My question is, HOW DO YOU LOSE A SHIP??? In the article, it says that it was set adrift after it broke loose from it's tow line. Then the Canadian authorities deemed the ship fit to stay adrift. Seriously Canada? Are you not even going to try to get this ship back? I call that irresponsible, and, quite frankly, stupid. That ship is a HUGE health hazard. It's pretty certain that those rats carry some kind of disease, and even if they DON'T, they are going to be very hungry for some meat other than rat meat when they get to land... DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!
If you really want to learn more about this creepy ship, you can go to this website:
I think it's kind of weird to set up a whole website dedicating to tracking one ship, but it's interesting, that's for sure. WARNING: BE CAREFUL OF THE DEPICTION OF A CANNIBAL RAT AS YOU'RE SCROLLING DOWN, IT'S KINDA SCARY.

And now, to other news...
Happy new year, I realize now that I haven't written in more than a month, I am making up for that now with a super long post. My birthday's in a month (yay!) and I am ÜBER excited to become thirteen! As I am now almost a young adult, time for some nostalgic flashbacks...
1. Favorite restaurant of 2014:
OK, I have a lot to say here. So, as celebration of Martin Luther King Day (No school! Thank you, MLK!), we went to this AWESOME restaurant in Harlem called Amy Ruth's. If you ever come by to the Big Apple, I TOTALLY recommend coming here. I got the waffles and chicken and it was amazing!! They also give cornbread instead of white bread and butter, AND you can ask for refills (we did).
2. Favorite restaurant of 2013:
If you're into Indian food, you should come here. It is a place called Chand Palace, and it's great. It's a buffet, but you can order food as well. I recommend the Narvatan Korma. Plus, it's vegetarian!
3. Favorite book of 2013:
That's really hard because I read so many books! Here are just a couple.
The Across the Universe trilogy. These books are really good! I am really into space travel, so this book was perfect. And take a look at the gorgeous covers!